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tAno's Computer Services LLC is pleased to announce its affiliation with The MacXprts Network. That means that in addition to our regular services, we are now also resellers for all hardware, software, and supplies. As MacXprt Network partner resellers, we are your source for the latest Apple products.

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tCS Partners with SOPHOS.

Sophos is a world-leading developer of anti-virus and anti-spam software. The company protects businesses and organizations - from small enterprises to academic and financial institutions to governments and global corporations - against viruses and spam. Sophos is acclaimed for delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and protection in the industry. The company's products are sold and supported in more than 150 countries.

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November, 2009

demoBroadening the aspects of the company not only with products and services, but now with website developing and hosting.




We have several brand names of laptops.

You can browse some options online or give us a call with special requirements and we can go from there.


Netbook vs. Notebook: Which one is right for you?


When it comes to distinguishing between a netbook and a notebook, looks can be deceiving. Learn what each of these computers was designed to do so you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

Start by thinking about how you'll use your computer - would you simply like to explore the Internet from anywhere you want? Or do you need to burn CDs/DVDs and watch HD videos? Your answers will help you to decide whether you need a handy netbook or a standard notebook.


What can you do with each?

  Netbook Notebook
Email, chat, IM          v v
Social networking (blog, Facebook)          v v
Surf the Web on the go          v v
Multitask   v
Stream audio/SD video          v


Create and edit videos, photos   v
Encode music   v
Watch HD movies   v
Play games Casual Online Games PC Games
Run complex office software  


Related processor Intel® Atom™ processor Intel® Core™ 2 Duo mobile processor






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